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    Thanh Hoa’s Sam Son town becomes city

    news.pushlic: 10:16:31 08/06/2017 (GMT+7)

    Sam Son town was promoted to a city in the north central coastal province of Thanh Hoa at the ongoing ninth session of the 14th National Assembly Standing Committee in Hanoi on April 19.

     Deputies also agreed with the establishment of four wards, namely Quang Cu, Quang Chau, Quang Tho, and Quang Vinh in Sam Son town. 

    The move aims to meet the local urbanization process and develop Sam Son into a national tourist city.

    It also looks to create a development triangle area, encompassing Thanh Hoa city, Sam Son city, and Nghi Son Economic Zone, which will be an important momentum for economic growth in the province and the north central region generally.

    With the establishment of four wards and one city, Thanh Hoa still keeps the number of administrative units at 27 at the district level and 635 at the communal level.

    The province is now home to two cities, one town, 24 districts, 34 wards, 28 townships, and 573 communes.

    Sam Son city will cover 44.94 square kilometers with a population of 150,902 and 11 communal administrative units.

    Deputies suggested the province devise measures to ensure defense security and social order and safety as well as pay attention to eco-environmental protection and cultural preservation and changing jobs for locals.-VNA
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