Many Chambers of Commerce just sent a letter to Vietnam’s government, here’s what they said

Đăng lúc: 09:30:56 10/04/2020 (GMT+7)

On Monday, nine chambers of commerce wrote a letter to the government of Vietnam to express the gratitude and support for the Vietnamese Government’s efforts to keep all safe and well in this unprecedented pandemic caused by novel coronavirus.

Here’s what they said.
“We the undersigned chambers of commerce who represent many thousands of members from the international community in Vietnam are writing to express our gratitude and support for the Vietnamese Government’s efforts to keep all safe and well in this unprecedented health crisis.
As foreign individuals and companies that have been lucky enough to make our homes, run our businesses and live amongst the people of this great country, we recognize the extraordinary efforts being made to keep all people safe and to limit the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Vietnam.
We are calling on all our members to voluntarily follow the pledge below;
  • We will follow the rules of the government put in place for our safety and the safety of others
  • We will follow recommendations on cleanliness, self-isolation, wearing of masks and early reporting to authorities along with other directives as issued by the government
  • We will do what we can to support our neighbors when we can by o Donating time or money to causes that help the fight against COVID19 o Donating blood or medical equipment or time as allowed
    1. Taking extra care to help those who may be less able to cope in this crisis o Taking care not to put ourselves and others at risk through inappropriate behavior or due to large gatherings
    2. To minimize our social contact and protect the frail amongst us
We would like to send a clear message, that we, and the members we represent, respect the rules, we appreciate the work being done and we say clearly: we are ready to help.
Vietnam is a wonderful country and above all we wish to say THANK YOU.
Together, working alongside the Vietnamese people, with our Vietnamese friends, colleagues and neighbors, we will get through this.”
The open letter co-signed by:
  • Mr. Phillip Dowler, President, Australian Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam
  • Mr. Warrick Cleine, Chairman, New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam
  • Ms. Amanda Rasmussen, Chairwoman, American Chamber of Commerce-HCMC, Vietnam
  • Mr. Mohan Ramesh Anand, Chairman, Indian Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam
  • Ms. Nguyet Nina Vuong, Executive Director, Canadian, Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam
  • Ms. Saranya Skontanarak, Chairman, Thai Business Association, Vietnam
  • Mr. Peter Rimmer, Executive Director, British Business Group Vietnam
  • Mr. Michael Chiu, Chairman, Hong Kong Business Association, Vietnam
  • Mr. Dato’ Theng Bee Han, President, Malaysian Business Chamber, Vietnam
File đính kèm:An open letter to the Government of Vietnam_I.pdf (Xem trước)
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