Investment incentive policies for Nghi Son Economic Zone

Pushlic on: 18:30:14 08/05/2016 (GMT+7)

 In addition to the above-mentioned investment incentive policies applied to all investment projects in the provincial territory, the projects invested in Nghi Son EZ still enjoy specific investment supporting incentive policies, concretely as follows:

Nghi Son EZ enjoys the highest investment supports and incentives stipulated for the localities of extremely difficult socio-economic conditions in accordance to the government’s Decree 108/2006/NĐ-CP dated September 22, 2006 providing the detailed guidance on implementation of the Investment Law.

1. Incentives of Central Government:

          1.1 Incentives on the rent of land and water surface:

- Rent exemption for land and water surface during the capital construction period; exemption from 11 to 15 years since projects put into operation depending on investment fields.

- Rent exemption for land and water surface over project implementation period for the projects of special investment incentive fields in accordance to the government’s regulations.

1.2. Incentives on corporation income tax:

- The corporation income tax rate of 10% is applied in 15 years since investment projects start operation; exemption from corporation income tax in 4 years since they have taxable income and 50% reduction for 9 following years.

- For the projects in hi-tech fields, projects of large-scale and significance in the sector’s development or provincial and regional socio-economic development, the application of incentive tax rate might be extended to 30 years at the maximum.

1.3. Incentives on export, import tax

Depending on the investment fields, projects invested in Nghi Son EZ will enjoy the incentive export, import tax, concretely:   

- Exemption from import tax for goods used for generating fix assets, specialized transportation means of the technology line serving the investment project, vehicle for worker transport...

- Exemption from import tax in 5 years since projects put in the operation applied to raw materials for production, spare parts, components and semi-finished products that Vietnam could not/or could produce but does not meet quality standards.

1.4. Incentives on individual income tax

Reducing 50% of the income tax for people having taxable individual income tax including the Vietnamese and foreigner working in the economic zone.

1.5. Price policy:

Applying one-price policy for goods, services and land rent to organizations and individual investors having production and business activities in Nghi Son EZ without discrimination.

1.6. Other incentives:

After balancing taxes with taxation department, if losses occur, investors may carry forward losses to the next year; these losses will be deducted from the corporation taxable income in accordance to the corporation income tax Law. The carryforward is limited to 5 years.

The projects invested in Nghi Son EZ may apply fast amortization for fixed assets; the maximum amortization rate is double the rate set out in the asset amortization mechanism.

2. Encouragement policies for investment consulting services in industrial parks of Thanh Hoa province (according to the Decision      3667/2013/QĐ-UBND, dated October 18, 2013 of Thanh Hoa PPC on issusing encouragement policies for investment in Nghi Son Economic Zone and other Industrial Parks in Thanh Hoa province).

2.1. Encouragement policies for investment consulting services to Nghi Son EZ

Organizations, individuals having successful investment campaign for projects belonging to the list of investment encouragement fields in Nghi Son EZ will be rewarded in the same rewarding policy for investment campaign in other industrial parks in Thanh Hoa territory.

2.2. Supporting policies for enterprises having investment projects in the Industrial Parks No 3, 4, 5 of Nghi Son Economic Zone:

The provincial budget supports 10% of the site grading fee for businesses having investment projects in the industrial parks No. 3, 4, 5 of Nghi Son economic zone, based on the balance books appraised by Nghi Son Management Board, with the maximum support not exceeding VND500 million per hectare.

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