Rice export turnover reduces sharply

Pushlic on: 10:42:22 22/08/2016 (GMT+7)

The rice export decreased at over 118 percent for output and 95 percent of FOB in comparison with the same period last year.

 In July alone, the rice export in volume and value reduced sharply. However, rice export accumulation of the country in the first seven months of this year approximated 2, 928 million tons; and its free on board was US$ 1, 266 billion which decreased at 12, 7 percent of rice output and seven percent of FOB value in comparison with same period last year.


The low growth during the first seven months have affected by rice purchase demand from main markets like Indonesia, the Philippines and China. Additionally, Vietnam’s rice price also has been impacted by El Nino phenomenon, and competitive price between rice export countries that caused many businesses hesitate and not sign new export contracts.

However, Vietnam Food Association (VFS) said the Philippines and Indonesia businesses are planning to buy rice in Vietnam upcoming time. With the rice import demand, Vietnam will take advantaged chances because its rice price is lower than the regional export country. According to the VFS, this year’s rice export in the country will approximate 5, 7 million tons, reducing 14 percent over last year.

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